Hello from Thailand!

Danny, Michael, and I (Tom) couldn't be happier and more impressed with our members and friends! It would be wonderful if we all got to know each other better. Here's a forum to post images and short autobiographies of ourselves as well as any other info you would like to post about yourself. We are looking forward to meeting you all!

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Hello from Thailand!

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I'm Pookie, a new member from Bangkok, Thailand. I work in a creative division of ad agency. I love taking pictures of things I can find in everyday life. I enjoy fishing and outdoor activies too! You can see me in one of pics below. I'm so thrilled and impressed with all the pictures posted on this website. I'm planning to buy Nikon D70 digital camera. Does anyone have any recommendation for other brand? Here I'm posting some of pix I captured. Please give me comments!!





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Hi Pookie and welcome.

I do not know enough about the D70, but Nikon is a good brand. I use the Canon D60 and it works out well for my needs. I think what is important is that the camera feels comfortable in your hands.
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Well hello from Thailand :D A pleasure to see you here and I'm glad you found your way here as well :D . I hear you have great milk over there :wink: .

Quite a few here are using the Canon 20D and the Canon 300D or 350D. Tom's using a Canon D30 and of course Sue there is using the D60 with excellent results.

From what I've seen from both the Nikon D70 and D50, they are as good as any other Dslr. The larger CCD's and cmos sensors that the Dslr's use and very impressive as far as noise goes.

We are mostly macro and micro here but many are versatile such as Sue there.

The shots you have there are fine. I like the last shot of the rose. Nice smooth clean swirls and gentle colours.

All the best and again, nice to see you here. Welcome :D


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Welcome to the forums "pookie." :D Spent a little time around your area, although not enough to go into great detail about. The roses look nice, especially the last one but the one fishing, lets see the "catch." I used to do a lot of fishing in the Philippines, not too far away I suppose, and I miss the islands and the friends I made while there. Your fishing photo sort of took me back :D
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