Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia

Danny, Michael, and I (Tom) couldn't be happier and more impressed with our members and friends! It would be wonderful if we all got to know each other better. Here's a forum to post images and short autobiographies of ourselves as well as any other info you would like to post about yourself. We are looking forward to meeting you all!

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Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia

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Hi all!
My name is Frank and a the moment my family is in the process of moving from Jakarta, Indonesia to Melbourne, Australia.
I have been doing photography since the mid 70s but have just discovered the wonderful word of digital SLRs!

I'm thrilled to have found this forum and hope that I can contribute something.

These days I use a Nikon D70 with a 105mm f/2.8AF MicroNikkor (used on manual most of the time)

Please have a look at some of my work at


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Hey Frank :D Welcome to the group and the Forums of course. We have a great bunch here, some of the best shooters :shock: (photographers) around! :D

Took a look around your gallery, some very nice work you have in there. Especially like the up close and personal of the Mantis. Has a sci-fi look to it. :D
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