Walter Dioni New's . . .

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Walter Dioni New's . . .

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Hello the Friends!

We are at present without news of our Friend Walter Dioni, who is also member in your Forum, as well as ours.

We know, that he had very big problems arisen with the arrival of the hurricane Wilma to Cancùn ( Mexico City), and according to the quite last news, our friend Walter, Old, retired at present, would see itself grateful (inescapable) to work to earn a living, as well as to her family. Walter also has some problems of health. We are in connection with certain members of to be able to create a network of support to help him to surmount its problems.

Can put you yourselves in touch with us to try to help him to go out of his its troubles? Walter DIONI lives at present in Tabasco ( Mexico City), and met himself with his microscope, but without his transformer! He would intend to to take back his passion of Microscopy, as soon as his situation would improve.

Gratefully and sincerely yours ! Happy new year for you ! Great minds for Walter Dioni !

Best Regards . Oliver
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At soon to read you ! Oliver