Well met!

Danny, Michael, and I (Tom) couldn't be happier and more impressed with our members and friends! It would be wonderful if we all got to know each other better. Here's a forum to post images and short autobiographies of ourselves as well as any other info you would like to post about yourself. We are looking forward to meeting you all!

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Well met!

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It's both pleasure and honour to be a member of this community. I've been lurking Photomacrography forums for almost a year now, and, well, I have to admit it's become one of my favourite sites on the web. Not that I'm going to start posting every day from now on, but lurking and not writing ONE post could be considered rude :lol:

Myself, I am 22 years old and I live in Northern Europe. I have just started experimenting with both macrophotography and photography through the microscope. I'm really looking forward to this spring. I use a Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera, and I have an old LOMO microscope which I believe is Biolam R-15 (could anyone confirm this? I got it used, in a condition far from mint :?) At the moment it looks somewhat like this:

Image Image

Sadly the X-Y mechanical slide stage is broken, also the spare objective slots are missing the plastic caps. The scope needs some serious cleaning as well, and I'm still to figure out the best way to couple it with the camera.

Anyway, thank you for this site. It's a wonderful source of information, inspiration and encouragement. And keep posting those wonderful photographs! :D

Best regards,

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Welcome to the community Hemulen :D I don't know much about LOMOs but mechanical stages are pretty simple in their construction and should not pose to great of a problem to fix. Optics Planet on the web may have the parts you need and the covers for the objective ports if you want them or a set of objectives to complete the turrent. :)

If lurking in the shadows is your thing, feel free but constructive suggestions and commnets are always welcome. We look forward to hearing more from you and when you are ready, seeing some of your photographic work. Again welcome aboard. :D
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Well its a pleasure :D Just post when you can and when you feel like it Hemulen. So a lurker huh, well its kind of nice we might have a few I guess. Anyway, again a big welcome to our tiny world :D :wink: