Lake Martin, Louisiana

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Charles Krebs
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Lake Martin, Louisiana

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A little hesitant about posting this spot for two reasons... I've only been there once (2005), and this spring (2006) saw many birds arrive but leave early. But it is a wonderful location, it's on my favorites list, and I can't wait to get back again.

The bird rookery is the big attraction, but there are many other photo opportunities. The cypress make for wonderful landscapes early in the morning and late in the day.

At night you can head into Lafayette and enjoy a big bowl of crawfish and listen (or even dance) to some good zydeco \:D/

(above) A Great egret flies through the cypress on a misty morning. Canon 20D, 70-200/4

(above) When building nests, good sticks are a prize commodity. This Roseatte spoonbill prefered to steal sticks from other nests rather than hunt for it's own. The young egrets are making a valiant effort to keep their home intact! Canon 20D, 500/4

(above) This adult Great egret is looking skyward as it regurgitates food for it's young. At this point the young birds are nearly as large as the adult, and the parent bird takes a real "beating" when it lowers it's head with the food as the young birds are very raucus and competitive when they "fight" for the food. Canon 20D, 500/4

Barred owls are quite common along the dirt road that runs along the rookery location. Canon 20D, 500/4

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S. Alden
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=D> One place I have always wanted to visit. The wildlife is fantasic and the whole ambience is wonderful. And, you did an excellent job capturing it.
Sue Alden
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Ken Ramos
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A naturalists paradise for sure. Would love to have an area like that at my beck and call. :D
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The rookery is an amazing place, though I hear that all the birds abandoned it a bit mysteriously this year. :-( I went there once--For the field days of a short Arthur Morris seminar. A very awesome place!
Mike Broderick
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