Close up of a C. Liz

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Post by paul »

Congratulations Sue, this is a beautiful image and a wonderful welcome on the front page!
MikeBinOKlahoma wrote:Danny, don't you y'all have some lizards in NZ? Not as colorful as ours, I'm sure, :P but they must have their charms, eh?
Well, here is (part of) a lizard from down under:


Best wishes,
paul h

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Post by nzmacro »

LOL Paul :D , now thats a lizard M8t. Fine shot of a .........lizard :D

Welcome my friend, welcome Monarch man :wink:

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LOL...well I suppose it is not funny to the lizard, but those beautiful birds sure seem to like it. :D
Sue Alden
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Post by wtrfall »

nice picture Sue,
Bright colors are often indicative of poison.
Does any one know if that is so with this guy?