Vivid dancer pinwheel

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Vivid dancer pinwheel

Post by d7avid »


Maybe this will be posted correctly for a change..Using the 1-400 as a long distance macro has helped get this type of shot although I'm still experimenting with which ext. tube and settings to use

Canon10D/1-400 @190/ISO 200/1/250/f10

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Post by nzmacro »

This is simply magic David. How gorgeous nature becomes when we see it like this. The colours are incredible, the comp and details, fantastic.

All the best David, your work leaves me in awe M8t, always has and always will. :)


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Post by MacroMike »

Hello David.

It seems that both Danny and I were fixing your post at the same time. You had a space after the Image and the [/img] was after your settings instead of after the image link.

This is a stunning image. Nice clean background that compliments both the blue of the male and brown of the female. Excellent exposure with wondrful texture. Good flat profile view with plenty of DOF at F10 and sharp detail. I hope you caught the various stages of their coupling.
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Post by mlfox »

I have watched your photography evolve for quite some time and your work is definitely impressive. The detail is outstanding with excellent DOF. Keep up the great work. :)
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Post by wtrfall »

:shock: an other one
it must be spring.

I love dragonflys
have you ever seen those giant ones?

last summer I watched one.
as it climbed out of my pond its water life over.
now if i had been a member i could have got a shot!
i will need to keep my camera ready this year! :)

Ido T
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Post by Ido T »

Nice Damselflies picture!
Very sharp!

Well Done!!