Bite Me!

Every 30 days the site administrators will pick a favorite macro or close-up image from the "Macro and Close-up Photography Gallery" to be featured on the front page of the website.

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Post by piotr »

Amazing picture. Congratulations!

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Post by gunn »

hi mike. congrats on making the cover. I love the manner in which the innards of its mouth are lit and, of course, the pose. an inspiring image and to which i still turn when inspiration is needed. (laura's 'eye of the gecko' is another such image, imho). I guess this crowns you as the Saruman of the reptile kingdom, and obviously you've got to churn out more from now on!

best regards

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Post by nzmacro »

I just checked it again on the front page :D , strong and powerful M8t, strong and powerful. Its a great way to open the macro front page :D

All the best Mike and thanks :D


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Re: Bite Me!

Post by Ballen Photo »

MikeBinOKlahoma wrote: Dumb luck that his jaws barely fit inside my frame horizontally. I can't believe I got this shot. He was "yawning", not striking. Even so......Brrrr.....
Mike, I think this is an INCREDIBLE shot regardless. :shock: :D :shock:

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Post by wtrfall »

my grandaughter said "cool" 8)
me dont like snakes very much!
scary :lol: