Two Mosquitos

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Sven Bernert
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Two Mosquitos

Post by Sven Bernert »

Another one for all of you MP-E 65 lovers out there :) 30D, MP-E65, 1/125 @ f/11 in manual mode, ISO 640, fill from ring flash, tripod, cropped a small amount from top and RHS on the first (second is full frame)



Thanks for looking, c&c very welcome!

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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Nice photographs for all us "West Nile" lovers Sven! :lol: That lens takes some really good shots but we all know that the lens is of no use without the expertise of the artist behind it. :D Really nice photographs Sven, great! :wink:
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Post by phillipda »

Great shots Sven.

I am saving up for one of those MPE-65 Macro lens. I can't wait to get my hands on one, Just imagine the Green Jumping spiders captured with this lens. They should look great, Particularly the Male Green Jumping Spider with that cool hair do.