Rhabditis, a Typical Nematode

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Rhabditis, a Typical Nematode

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I have posted this particular image in black and white, since there are not any broad range of colors to be depicted. I took this specimen from the petri dish containing my "plasmodium," which by the way is still growing at better than 50mm now. I was considering placing it in the "Pets" forum but somehow I do not think it would qualify, since it cannot bring in the paper. :-k

Now back to Rhabditis, this is a female. The germinal zone of the ovary is clearly seen as a dark granulous area extending almost the length of the body, with the intestine appearing to run along the outer edge of the germinal zone. Within the germinal zone the growth zone of the ovary is clearly seen as a light area extending back to the vaginal area, about two thirds of the way back towards the posterior. Forward of the germinal area there is a "Y" shaped organ visible. This is the pharyngeal valve contained within the pharynx which runs forward to the anterior. The procorpus of the pharynx is only slightly visible. Last but not least, once again if you will look towards the posterior, the pointed tail section, you will see a small nipple like structure. This is the anus and the fine ribbon of the intestine can be seen terminating there. :D


Sony DSC-P200 w/Orion SteadyPix digital adapter
1/30 sec. @ F/2.8 ISO 100 EV -0.3
Zeiss Vario Tessar lens
Zeiss Axiostar microscope
Zeiss 40X/0.65 A-Plan objective w/10X 18mm ocular
Illumination, halogen w/blue diffuser
Post Process: Photo Impact 6 (Monochrome) & Neat Image
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