Chlorella in Paramecium bursaria

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Charles Krebs
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Chlorella in Paramecium bursaria

Post by Charles Krebs »


Found a cooperative paramecium bursaria and decided to take a closer look at the symbiotic algae, Chlorella, that gives it it's green color.

100X objective, 3.3X photo-eyepiece, Canon 10D. Oblique bright-field with flash.

Steve West
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Post by Steve West »

Stunning again!! Just when I thought I was doing reasonably well with the oil, you post images with even finer equisite detail. I had no idea these little buggers ride the paramecium.


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Post by Frez »

Beautiful! These have to be the most cooperative Paramecium to run accross. It's amazing well how you imaged through the outer layer. Well done.


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Post by Kenv »

Incredible Charlie. You have answered a question before I asked - I was thinking whether or not I would ever use the 100X oil, now I know. Beautiful.

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Ken Ramos
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The Chlorella look like little green blood cells. Very nice image, I have often wondered about them and how they looked up close. I have a 100X oil obj. but rarely use it. May have to get some oil and give it a try. Great work Charlie, as usual. :D
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