Euplotes, reproduction via fission

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Charles Krebs
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Euplotes, reproduction via fission

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It is really interesting to me how these cells must re-create the entire structure of the cell during asexual reproduction. I was particularly struck by the symmetry displayed in this picture.

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Charlie, that is another "Wow!" image. Has a beautiful liquid three-dimensional quality. I feel like I could stick them with a fork. The detail is phenomenal.

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I agree, "WOW" :!: :D

I've only seen this once, myself. I was able to get some short video clips of the connected pair. What struck me at the time I saw the Euplotes undergoing fission the Paramecium in the same sample were undergoing fission, too. I wonder if there is some sort of environmental trigger that causes mass fission in protists. As always, a beautiful image, Charlie :D

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