Mosquito larva breathing tube

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Charles Krebs
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Mosquito larva breathing tube

Post by Charles Krebs »


Normally I hang around the microscope group. But this was done with "photomacrography" gear rather than a microscope so here it is.

This is the breathing tube (like a snorkel) of a mosquito larva at the surface of the water. I made up an extremely small "tank" to hold the larva, and illuminated it from the rear with electronic flash. The lens was a Minolta Bellows Micro 12.5mm f2. The picture was taken with the aperture set to f4 using a Canon 10D.

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Charles, this is a very very cool shot. Focusing must have been a nightmare, but the fine structure of the snorkel is very interesting.

Thanks for putting this one up.
Mike Broderick
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S. Alden
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Hey Charles, you got the breathing tube :D . Beautiful indeed and nice to see you posting in here.
Sue Alden
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Post by nephiliim »

Nice capture there charles. Can you try to shoot the mandibles of the larva of a dragonfly? Those are terrifying to see.
Sometimes smaller is better!
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