Euglena spirogyra, (in darkfield)

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Charles Krebs
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Euglena spirogyra, (in darkfield)

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This is probably my favorite species of euglena (of the one's I 've seen). They move very slowly, and can get into some "graceful" looking "poses" if you stay with them. The pellicle has very pronounced spiral striae, which are displayed nicely in darkfield illumination. I stayed with this one quite a while, and on two instances I was able to get off three shots with no noticeable movement. These were combined to get depth-of-field, which is otherwise pitifully small with a 40X in darkfield.

Olympus 40X, 2.5 photo-eyepiece, Canon 10D, electronic flash. Zeiss darkfield condenser (oiled :? ).

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Post by piotr »

Charlie, you continue to amaze us. The best image of Euglena I have ever seen. Simply incredible.

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This is a quite superb image Charlie. Well you've answered my question before it was asked - yesterday I had my first session on the scope for ages and I found quite a number of different euglenas including this one, I didn't know its name so thanks Charlie. I might post a shot later when everyone has forgotten just how good your one is :D
Cheers Kenv

Wim van Egmond
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Charlie, That is truly a breathtaking image!