Butterfly scale detail, grids and ribs

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Charles Krebs
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Butterfly scale detail, grids and ribs

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This is an image showing detail in individual butterfly wing scales. These scales are fairly translucent, so the actual structure becomes somewhat visible. You can see the network or "grids" of ribs that make up the scale. Sort of reminds me of a lightweight "honeycomb" aluminum panel that aircraft manufacturers use for stength with light weight.

(Unrelated side note... intersting optical illusion here. Notice how the diagonals of the picture seem to make it look as is the picture is slightly "skewed" in relation to the text, although everthing is squared. Or are my eyes getting wierd on me?) :shock:

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Wow, fantastic shot!

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I'm only shoot macro. But this is very interesting. My resolution usually gives me a couple of pixel from this type of subject.
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