Carpenter Ant face

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Charles Krebs
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Carpenter Ant face

Post by Charles Krebs »


Here's a pretty good look at the face of a carpenter ant. Although my favorite pond beckons, I'm still enthralled at what can be done with images stacks and software like Helicon Focus. This kind of image has eluded me for so many years... it's just fun to finally have the technology available to pull it off!

Olympus 2X Flourite, 2.5X photo-eyepiece, Canon 10D. Tungsten illumination via fiber optic illuminator and Charlie's secret ant diffuser apparatus. (OK... it's just a Fuji film container with the top cut off :wink: ). 33 images combined in using HF.

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Post by LBadrick »

Amazing Charles. :D

Thank you very much for sending my imagination soaring and putting a smile on my face at the start of the day.



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Post by Dembowski »

Stunning .... absolutely stunning!!
Bill Dembowski
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Post by Mike »

Hello Charlie,

Yet another extraordinary image of an ordinary subject! Your work is inspiring.

Welcome back,
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Wim van Egmond
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Post by Wim van Egmond »

Wonderful result, Charlie! There are so many interesting possibilities nowadays. What will the future bring?

The only difficulty with this technique is the fact that you have to have non motile subjects. But imagine a camera that takes all these stacks in one nanosecond and than immediately combine them to form a multifocal image!


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Post by piotr »

Beautiful and scary! It looks like Darth Ant :-)