Butterfly Wing scales

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Charles Krebs
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Butterfly Wing scales

Post by Charles Krebs »

This is a re-post of a couple pictures that "disappeared" during the server change-over.

I was trying out a new 10X objective that provided a little more working distance (~10mm) than I had with my older 10X.

The first image is from a 6 image "stack" combined with Helicon Focus. The second is a 9 image stack.



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Thanks for reposting!

Post by rjlittlefield »

Charlie, I can't thank you enough for reposting these images. These are simply lovely!

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S. Alden
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They look like shingles on a gingerbread house, or what you would see in the Wizard of Oz or something :D. I love those colors and the whole composition is beautiful.
Sue Alden
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

I had commented earlier, that there was a differentiation in the scale structures and was wondering if both these images came from the same specimen. Beautiful shot, once again, there Charlie. Butterflies and moth wings make great subjects. :D
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