Amber insect inclusion

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Charles Krebs
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Amber insect inclusion

Post by Charles Krebs »

Insect inclusions in amber have fascinated my since I was a kid, and this Christmas I received some samples as a gift.

There are already so many great images of really "prize" specimens that I became curious what might be done with a very modest or even "lesser" piece if a microscope were used to just pick out interesting pieces of the inclusion and look at them in detail. I think it will be great fun as I see what works and what doesn't. (As I expected, the optical problems encountered when looking through the amber surface and depth have so far been the biggest challange)

The most fun is just looking at them through the scope! It is mind-boggling to realize that you are looking at an insect that lived about 20-40 million years ago! It's a length of time that is impossible for me to really comprehend. And what makes it so amazing is the degree of detail and preservation that can be seen.

So my first fledgling efforts... the top left gives an overall view. On the right is a leg section photographed using a 10X objective. Bottom right is a wing section done with the 10X. Middle left is a leg section (joint) taken with a 40X.


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Ken Ramos
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Charlie, you've posted many a fantastic image on these web pages and I do not think anyone would argue that. These however must be the most unique yet. Not so much as a photographs of an insect but photographs of one that has been preserved through the eons and photographed in excellent detail through the means of its preservation. Hat is off to you Charlie, as always. Leave it to you to bring to us some great images such as this. Thanks! =D> =D> =D> =D>
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Post by rjlittlefield »

You know, I have watched the magician David Copperfield, and I remember thinking to myself, "Other guys do sleight of hand and pass it off as magic. This guy does magic, and passes it off as sleight of hand."

Charlie does magic. I'm sure he could explain how it's all very simple. That doesn't mean I would believe him.

In any case, these are awesome images. Thank you!


Sergio Zalewska
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Just awsome. Both, the insect and the perfect images.

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Post by Myriophyllum »

Gratulations Charles,

phantastic images - so beautiful, so many details, so sharp.


Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Thanks guys!
I think most of us here that enjoy microscopy have a certain type of curiousity, and whether or not pictures are taken, studying these inclusions with a microscope is a fantastic experience. The imagination runs wild with mental images of the world as it existed when these creatures were alive. And contemplating the probability of a tiny fly that lived about 30 million years ago ending up under my microscope is so strange!

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Post by gpmatthews »

Wonderful Charlie!