Egg cluster

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Charles Krebs
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Egg cluster

Post by Charles Krebs »

Don't know what critter is inside (but I expect they'll hatch out fairly soon and I'll have some idea).

Top two were taken outdoors in bright sunshine. The last image is actually done on a microscope with a low power objective.

Top two: Canon 5D, 65mm MP-E macro. 13 images and 12 images respectively, stacked using Helicon Focus.

Lower (microscope) shot was a 27 image "stack".




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Post by rjlittlefield »

Some true bug -- Hemiptera. The tops of the eggs will probably hinge up like the hatch on a submarine. If you can get some shots of the hatching & hatchlings, that would be really cool!

Nice job on the stacking. Does "outdoors" mean on a stand outside, or did you somehow manage to do this in situ on the plant?

BTW, I notice a bit of chromatic aberration in the microscope shot. (Sorry, I'm sensitive to color fringing.) I played a bit with PTLens, found that processing with Red-Cyan = +0.0030 and Blue-Yellow = -0.0053 kills the color fringing and also makes the image noticeably sharper, especially on the left side.