"Dramatic" lighting experiment

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"Dramatic" lighting experiment

Post by MikeBinOKlahoma »


An experiment with lighting that I think was successful, but I'm biased on the matter! I considered cropping this to a pano, but decided that took away from the spotlight effect.

Sri Lanka Tree Viper
captive subject
180mm lens
ISO 640
1/250th second @ f/20
flash as main light
Mike Broderick
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Post by Beetleman »

One very beautiful snake Mike. Nature always has the coolest color mixes and patterns :wink: I think the lighting works very well.
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Quite an unusaul effect there Mike, but it took a moment there to make heads or tails of the snake. :D
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Post by MacroLuv »

Nice gradual rich colors. :D
I wonder how much is this guy lighting tolerant? :shock:

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Sven Bernert
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Post by Sven Bernert »

Wow Mike, this looks like a paint! Well done on lighting!

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Post by paul »

Digital chiaroscuro - very nice result Mike.
I like the contrasting textures of the snake and the tree bark. A catchlight from an eye (or two) would be welcome.
Thanks for another beautiful shot.
paul h

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S. Alden
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Post by S. Alden »

Beautiful light effects Mike. I really like this.
Sue Alden
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