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Another BF

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Right now this is the only kind I have in my garden :lol:
Sue Alden
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This one looks really nice too Sue. :D I have a couple of shots of one like this but one of its wings is all mutilated and crunched up. I thought it was a bird strike or it hit a meteor or something but someone said it just came out that away. :|
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Ken Ramos wrote:someone said it just came out that away.
That was me. Sorry you had to run into that sad case, Ken.

Sue, on the other hand, has imaged a very nice Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus according to most sources, Pterourus glaucus by the most recent revisions :( ). A male, judging from the coloration and shape of the abdomen. Sue's other picture is definitely a male -- the, um, anatomy is clearly shown. :D

I like these butterflies. They were probably the first ones I learned as a kid.

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Very nice Butterfly shot Sue...I like when they look 3d almost. Also like it being bright and sunny. :D
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