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Post by gslaten »

I'm not sure which forum to post this photo of a hydra, so please move it if I have it wrong.

There are several of these "hanging around" one of my cultures. This culture is from a small tributary of the Santa Ana River in Irvine, Calif.

The hydra is a bit difficult to see, but I just thought the colors were kind of pretty.


Coolpix 950, 6X30 binocular objective auxilliary lens, tripod mounted. Illuminated from left side.[/img]

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A beautiful shot there Gary :D I have never seen a Hydra quite so large before. You did a great job on this. :o It should be in the Macrophotography Forum I think. I will move it for you. :wink:
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Interesting, and it is (from what little I know about them) a remkarably big hydra. I hope you don't go swimming in this container! :lol:
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