Logania Marmorata Damis

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Logania Marmorata Damis

Post by stingrey »

Hi all,

Manage to captured this Butt (Logania Marmorata Damis) on the leaf.
Think trying to play around with a silk thread of the spider. Noticed an Ant slowly climbing up the leaf and approaching and had an idea to wait for it before clicking the shutter. Not really a very good shot but I just want to share the moment I captured. The DOF can still be improved. Umbrella used to blocked off the slight breeze.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.
kind regards,
Rey Aguila

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Post by Ken Ramos »

Logania Marmorata Damis, sounds like an opera singer! :o A little grainy looking Rey but a good shot :D and a good idea to wait for the ant. Ants have a habit of getting into photographs, they are such Hams! :lol:
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